Shuttle to Cabo Frio

How to get to Cabo Frio: book your shuttle from the airport to Cabo Frio

To get to Cabo Frio, we recommend you book a shuttle from the airport to Cabo Frio. Check more information below:

Cabo Frio is a city in the Lakes Region (Região dos Lagos), located in the State of Rio de Janeiro. To get to Cabo Frio, you will need to fly to Rio de Janeiro. From there, you will have to book a shuttle from Galeão – GIG to Cabo Frio or a shuttle from Santos Dumont – SDU to Cabo Frio.

The SDU – Cabo Frio shuttle takes about 2h30 hours for the distance of 157 km. The GIG – Cabo Frio shuttle travels 151 km, taking a few minutes less.

Regardless of which airport you are departing from, you have to book your Airport – Cabo Frio shuttle in advance. When booking, choose the date and time you would like to departure from the airport. By doing so, you do not waste time and you will arrive faster at your destination.

Attractions in Cabo Frio

Cabo Frio is known for its beaches of fine white sand. During all seasons of the year, it welcomes tourists and families. In the summer, beaches are crowded.

Visiting Cabo Frio

Walking around Cabo Frio is very easy. On the way to Arraial do Cabo, you will find dunes and the Foguete beach (Praia do Foguete). When passing through the canal, you will reach Peró beach (Praia do Peró).

Travel plans in Cabo Frio

Now that you know how to get to Cabo Frio and how to book your Airport – Cabo Frio shuttle, you can build your travel plan to enjoy all wonders of this region.

If you only have two days, save one day to know the Forte beach (Praia do Forte) and the dunes. Walk around the historic center and climb on the city’s lookout point. If you have more time, besides visiting the abovementioned beaches, also go to Peró beach (Praia do Peró), located at 8 km from downtown Cabo Frio.

Diving in Cabo Frio is beautiful, but as its waters are cold the whole year, we recommend you go there to dive during the summer.

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