Transfer to Costa do Sauipe

How to get to Costa do Sauipe: Shuttle to Costa do Sauipe

Booking a transfer to Costa do Sauipe is the best option to go from the Salvador Airport to the region.

Costa do Sauipe is located 75 km from Salvador. The region delights tourists from all over Brazil by its green sea, dunes and coconut trees. To get to Costa do Sauipe from the Salvador Airport, the best option is to take a Costa do Sauipe shuttle.

The reception to Costa do Sauipe must be booked in advance as it will guarantee your transportation from Salvador Airport to Costa do Sauipe. The Costa do Sauipe shuttle service includes luggage assistance, air conditioning, comfortable armchairs and other amenities. And you can choose whether you wish to travel by an executive car, by van, by bus or by microbus.

The Salvador Airport – Costa do Sauipe Shuttle can also make the reverse trip, transporting you from Costa do Sauipe to the Salvador Airport. You only have to book it on Book Transfer.

What to do in Costa do Sauipe?

Now that you know how to get to Costa do Sauipe and have already booked your Costa do Sauipe transfer, it’s time to plan your trip to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the region.

In Costa do Sauipe, you will find resorts with preserved vegetation – with dunes, lagoons and mangroves. There is also Vila Nova da Praia, a typical Northeastern village that is perfect for eating and shopping.

There are beaches to dive and snorkel, others to practice standup paddleboarding and kayak, others to walk and, finally, to relax. This is why Costa do Sauipe appeals to all tastes and audiences, being a great destination to travel with children.

The tourism infrastructure in Costa do Sauipe also appeals to all preferences and needs. The gastronomy of the region is rich in Northeastern culture and flavor.

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